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Thank you for your interest in Gabriel’s Lyric Therapeutic Services Motivational Speaking platform. Below, please find three examples of Motivational Message topics by Jamila Woods, as well as a video of one of her Motivational Messages, entitled, "Mind Over Mediocre."



Get your “But” out of the Way


This message is designed to inspire the audience to move past the excuses that have been the barriers to our holistic (body, mind, and spirit) progress. It provides practical lessons that challenge us to refocus the way we respond to adversity and provides us with the encouragement to fulfill our purpose.



Mind over Mediocre (See the actual message below)


This message is designed to address our contentment with being mediocre. As human beings, we have been given dominion over everything on the earth, however, most people are content with being mediocre, or in the middle. The message challenges us to attend a meeting with our mind, and to honestly assess the way we strive for success, in an effort to move past a mediocre mindset.


Tools for Unlocking Your Potential


This message provides the tools necessary to realize our maximum potential. It Motivates us to understand what it truly means to achieve our highest potential.



The Struggle is Real


This discussion focuses on one’s capacity to differentiate between what we say and what we do. It confronts our tendency to speak of our desire and/or commitment to one thing, and the reality of habitually and consistently doing something else. It challenges us to be honest about where we are, while inspiring us to examine what it will truly take to change, and to become the person we were created to be.

Mind Over Mediocre

                           -  by Rev. Jamila Woods